Call to Convention


Please join us for our Virtual Washington County Republican Party Nominating Convention on April 18th at 9:00am in your own home! We are excited to host a Live Facebook Event where the Convention will take place. Credentialing and Balloting will take place via email and google forms. You must check in between 8am-9am via the email instructions you will receive that day. You can watch the live Convention conducted by our Chair, Jimi Kestin, on our Facebook Page and then vote when you receive emails instructing you to. If you do not have access to Facebook (you could watch it with another person if you don't have your own account), you will still receive ballots. Candidates will be giving speeches that day and can be accessed via Facebook or our website.

If for some reason you are unable to participate, please let us know right away so we can appoint another person in your stead. We want to have every precinct represented completely.

Please see agenda and convention rules below. If you have questions about the rules, please contact us by Monday, April 6th. These rules will not be amendable at the convention.

We are excited for this unprecedented convention and look forward to your participation.

Meet Your Republican Candidates:

 Linked below is a quick list of contact information for each Republican candidate. Keep scrolling for more information about each candidate!

Senate District 29


Don Ipson

Michelle Boulter

Michelle Boulter

 Don L. Ipson was born and raised in Panguitch, Utah. He had an early interest in automobiles and began working in a local garage when he was 12 years old. He continued working at the same garage through high school. After graduation, Don married his high school sweetheart, JoAnn Barney. 

When Don moved back to Panguitch to care for his aging father, he purchased a small food distribution company and thus began his career in the transportation business. Now, DATS Trucking and its sister company, Overland Petroleum, operate more than 300 trucks, manage regional freight and fuel distribution, and own several convenience stores.

Don has also made an impact in Utah through years of public service. He served in the Utah House of Representatives from 2008 to 2016 until he was appointed to the Utah Senate in 2016.


Michelle Boulter

Michelle Boulter

Michelle Boulter

 Michelle Boulter is very active in various efforts to protect parental rights and local education control. In March of 2015, Michelle attended the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women where she became aware of national and international policies that are being created to undermine the natural rights of mothers and fathers. She co-founded two pro-family organizations in early 2015: Return to Parental Rights and Gathering Families in an effort to encourage local policy leaders to uphold the family as the fundamental unit of society.

Michelle is opposed to Federal standards and regards it as an unconstitutional usurpation of power and a denial of State and local control. She firmly believes that no government or program should put themselves between parent and child. She has a keen ability to build great relationships and has been true to her principles while serving on the Utah State Board of Education. She believes that strong families are the key to preserving local education control.

Michelle is married to Blake Boulter - they are the proud parents of three boys and an amazing daughter-in-law.


Jason Barker

Michelle Boulter

Jason Barker

 Jason Barker grew up in Sandy, Utah and settled in St. George 8 years ago. From a very young age, Jason developed a love of our founding fathers and appreciated the sacrifices they made for our country. He knew he wanted to be involved in politics as a way of giving back. He obtained his BA in Political Science at BYU, his MBA at Bellevue University and his PhD in Organizational Leadership at UNLV. He married his sweetheart, Mindi, and together they have raised six children. Jason has worked for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, IHC and Novell. He is currently a professor at DSU.

Jason has a zest for life. He loves all people and genuinely tries to do whatever he can to improve their happiness. He feels that a successful government needs to represent what the people want while still maintaining core beliefs and values that our country was founded on. Jason loves living in St. George with his family and wants to build deep roots in this community. He looks forward to serving you.

State House 74


Lowry Snow

R. Quinn Denning

R. Quinn Denning

 I’ve lived in St. George/Santa Clara for over 40 years.  My wife Sheryl and I are proud parents of 6 children and 17 grandchildren.  I obtained my undergraduate degree from BYU and my law degree from Gonzaga University.  I founded the law firm Snow Jensen & Reece where I’ve practiced since 1979.  In 2012, I began my legislative service as State Representative for District 74. I currently serve as Chair of the House Education Committee and as a member of both Education Appropriations and Judiciary Committees. Additionally, I serve on two state boards: Legislative Water Commission and Co-chair of Point of the Mountain Land Authority. My current local service includes memberships on the St. George Red Cross Advisory Board and St. George Area Economic Development Board.  I served as the past chair of Utah’s Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission and as past president of the Utah Bar. During my service in the legislature, I’ve successfully sponsored significant legislation dealing with education, protection of children and victims of abuse, criminal justice reform, water law, and protections for military veterans and the elderly. 


R. Quinn Denning

R. Quinn Denning

R. Quinn Denning

 Quin was born in Idaho, the oldest of 8 children. In 1988, he married the love of his life, Linda. In their 32 years of marriage, they have raised 4 children and one niece. He has been studying the Constitution since he was 16 years old. He has a great love for the miracles that led to the victory of the Revolutionary War and shares them in conjunction with teaching the Constitution whenever he is able.

Quin is an entrepreneur. He has worked in the construction industry since he contracted his first job at 14 years old. As an owner and consultant, he has been involved in many different businesses. He understands the difficulties in starting and managing small businesses.

Quin utilizes creative thinking skills for problem-solving in the variety of challenges that present themselves when running a business. He has been in business leadership for more than 30 years and has developed the skills to serve his constituents. Through dedication to constitutional principles, he courageously stands by those values and will do his best to represent his constituents.

County Commission Seat


Slade R Hughes

Douglas Wulfenstein

Douglas Wulfenstein

 Slade Hughes Born and Raised on the family Ranch Running Cattle in Washington County.

Slade served an 2 year LDS Mission in the Ukraine then studied at Utah valley State college.

He Worked for the City of St. George Energy Services before he bought his first Business.

Slade has been involved in the community since early in his life serving on the local special service fire district, volunteer firefighter, Washington County farm bureau board member, and currently serves on the Washington County community development commission.

Slade is a firm believer in private property rights limited government.


Douglas Wulfenstein

Douglas Wulfenstein

Douglas Wulfenstein

 Born July 23, 1960, St. George, Utah

Education Dixie Highschool, Dixie College and Life.

Small business owner, Premier Professional Services LLC.

Husband, Father, and Grandfather.

Coach, Scoutmaster, and Mentor with the youth.

I have lived 59 years in Washington County, I have explored hiked, hunted or fished most of it, I love this part of the world, I love the people of Washington County in all of its diversity.

I have served here all my life and look forward to continuing my service here.

I am a Conservative and Patriot, I feel that the Fundamental Principles that this Nation was founded on are the answers to the problems we are facing today.


Dean Cox

Douglas Wulfenstein

Dean Cox

  Dean Cox, a first term incumbent County Commissioner, has a long history of service. Cox’s extensive service includes nearly twenty years as the County’s Emergency Services Director and eight years of experience as the County’s Administrator. Cox also spent many years actively involved with Washington County Search and Rescue. Cox is a recipient of the Sheriff’s medal of merit, the highest award given to a civilian.

Cox’s leadership experience demonstrates a life-time commitment to the area’s residents. Cox has served as Chair of Leadership Dixie, three terms as the Chair of the Washington County Republican Party, the School District Foundation, and the Southwest Regional Response Team.  The Governor nominated and the State Senate confirmed Cox to two impactful boards with state-wide significance: The Utah Office of Tourism and the Utah Communications Authority. 

In recognition of Cox’s commitment and service, the St. George Chamber of Commerce recognized Cox earlier this year with the Champion of Change Award. 

Dean is married to LaRene Leavitt Cox. They are the proud parents of four and grandparents to ten. 

County Recorder


Michael R Draper

Michael R Draper

Michael R Draper

Michael is a native of Fremont, Utah which instilled in him a love for community, ranching and the desert.

 He attended Dixie College where he joined the civil engineering industry and ultimately discovered his true passion, land surveying.

 After serving as an instructor for the D.X.A.T.C., Michael attended Salt Lake Community College where he graduated in Geomatics and later obtained licensure as a Utah Professional Land Surveyor.

 He later supervised an engineering office in Arizona before coming home to Dixie where he has spent 15 years serving the community and protecting the property rights of our citizens.

His professional experience covers the land rights spectrum, including title, abstract, patent, right-of-way and legal research. He is certified in Utah water rights and expert with the preparation of legal descriptions, subdivision plats, deeds, easements and A.L.T.A. surveys.

 His years of experience have instilled in him a unique understanding of how vital historical records are in maintaining a structured, orderly and civil society.

 Michael is also an active member of the U.C.L.S. where he serves as an officer for the Color Country Chapter.


Johnathan Liddle

Michael R Draper

Michael R Draper

 Johnathan is proud of his pioneer roots in Washington County. This heritage has given him an appreciation for the sacrifice and perseverance required to accomplish difficult tasks in the face of daunting odds. No matter where life has taken him, Johnathan has always been proud to call Utah home. He has been privileged to serve his faith, the public, and the nation in many capacities. Johnathan earned a B.A. in Economics, followed by a Master of Public Administration degree, both from the University of Utah.

Johnathan is the Director of Human Resources for Washington County, where he oversees the personnel functions of over 500 employees.  He is also a Commander in the US Navy, currently assigned to the Chief of Naval Operations staff at the Pentagon.

Throughout his successful career, Johnathan still believes his greatest treasure is his family. He and Elissa are the proud parents of three children ages 9 through 14. They love to spend time together enjoying the outdoors – especially skiing, camping, biking, hiking, and kayaking. They love this beautiful land we’re all fortunate to call home


Gary L Christensen

Michael R Draper

Gary L Christensen

 Gary has worked in the Land Title Insurance and Escrow Business for the Past 30 years as a Title Searcher and Examiner. During those years he has become and is very familiar with the Washington County Recorder's Office and their staff. He knows and understands the issues, problems, policies and procedures of the Recorders Office. He has spent his adult life working in private enterprise and small business and brings a different perspective to improve on what previous Recorders have accomplished. 

Experience/Qualifications 27 years of searching land records and examining recorded official documents in Washington County. In-depth understanding of what transfers title to real property. In-depth understanding of legal descriptions. Competent with computers and existing Washington County system. Management Including: Current chairman of the board of TMI, Inc., and a board member for the past 10 years. Manager of the Search and Examination Department. 

With Gary’s experience, knowledge, leadership and management skills he will have a positive effect on the Office of Recorder and be a benefit to the public and county organization. 


Robert Foster

Kimberly Hancock

Gary L Christensen

 Rob was born in Sandy, Utah to Dale and Trudy Foster. They moved to St George in 1988 when he was 10 years old and spent most of his life in this beautiful corner of the state.

Although he has worked in various jobs throughout his life having held different positions, he has been in the title insurance industry for almost 20 years, most of that time working as an independent contractor. He has built up his own company since the downturn of the economy in 2008. The benefits of being independent are in the relationships he has been able to build. His main clients are Title Companies around the state and some throughout the country. He has built strong connections with each of the Recorders and their offices in most of Southern Utah.

He is a Licensed Title Officer and Escrow Officer which affords him the knowledge of both sides of a real estate transaction. He is able to identify issues on the recorded deeds as well as plat out a legal description to help ensure accurate record keeping.


David Miller

Kimberly Hancock

Kimberly Hancock

 David is a Utah native. After graduating from Dixie High School, he served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. David earned his Associate’s Degree in Architecture and Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. David married JoLynne Adams and together raised three amazing children.

David is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in the Washington County Assessor’s office. Having served in leadership and office management positions including Chief Appraiser, Deputy Assessor and Senior Appraiser Specialist, he has knowledge and experience with over 780 CE hours in property related education, laws and personnel management. David was awarded IAAO Utah Chapter Appraiser of the Year.

Working closely with the Recorder’s Office, he has the necessary experience and knowledge of property ownership processes, Utah State Laws related to real property, and is known for integrity and professionalism when resolving issues for property owners.

David is prepared with needed experience and knowledge and is committed to putting the public's needs first, recording, protecting records and promoting a friendly skilled office. David is qualified and prepared to serve as Washington County Recorder. 


Kimberly Hancock

Kimberly Hancock

Kimberly Hancock

  I’m a 6th generation Washington County native, and I have a deep love for our local community. 

I am the mother of two darling little girls, and have been married my husband Mitchell Hancock for nearly a decade.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Technology from Dixie State University. During my career, I have worked as a technician for the Washington County School District, been a Software Engineer for local companies, and I currently work for Washington County in the Information Technology Department. 

In my role with the Washington County IT Department, I work with the Recorders office and their systems on a near daily basis. Because of this close working relationship, I already have experience working with:

-Tax notices,

-Centrally assessed values lists,

-The County tax systems, processes, and software. 

-Assisting local title companies in accessing needed information from the Recorder’s office,

-Helping the public access Recorder’s data. 

It is safe to say, no other candidate running for Recorder has the same level of hands-on experience with the systems, processes, and technology used in the Recorders office. 

State House 62


Travis Seegmiller

State House 75


Walt Brooks

 It has been my pleasure to serve as the House Representative for district 75 for the past two terms. District 75 includes downtown St. George, Middleton, Green Valley and all the way up Hwy 18 to Enterprise including Pine Valley and Gunlock.

I grew up in St. George and am lucky enough to live with my wife, Jennifer of 21 years and our 5 children, in the home that was built by my great grandpa.

I currently am the president of RxTrax, a software company that provides tools to the medical industry to verify their prescriptions and medical supplies are delivered to the correct recipients. 

I have been passionate about removing the tax off Social Security. This past session I introduced a bill that passed the House but was not heard in the Senate. We have great momentum and I will be putting this bill forward again. Another bill was increasing the penalty for stealing packages off your porch.

I welcome your feedback about any legislation or issues you have concerns about.  I look forward to hearing from you.

County Assessor


Tom Durrant

County Attorney

Coming Soon

Erik Clarke

Coming Soon 

County Treasurer


David Whitehead

Coming Soon 

House District 71


Willie Billings

Willie Billings

Willie Billings

 Willie Billings has raised his family in Hurricane since 1991. Leadership positions within the Republican Party: County, and State Delegate, Precinct Chairman, Legislative District Chairman, Washington County Republican Party Chairman, and Utah State Republican Party Vice Chairman. My priorities are: Public Lands managed by Utah. Education funding where it matters most for children. Parents Choice how and where their child is educated. Willie feels that every change to legislation, or any new legislation considered, must have this question asked: “How does this impact families?” He will implement and honor an open door policy. 


Brad Last

Willie Billings

Willie Billings

 Brad Last is a native of Hurricane, Utah where he still resides with his wife, Jan. He earned both his bachelor's degree and MBA from the University of Utah. Brad has a strong background in healthcare, business, and education. He currently serves as the Vice President of Development at Dixie State University and served on the Washington County Board of Education from 1994 to 2002. After his service on the School Board, Brad was elected to the legislature. He has earned the confidence and trust of his colleagues who selected him to be in House Leadership. Brad currently chairs the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee as well as the Executive Appropriations Committee where he balances the State's budget every year. Brad also serves on the House Education Committee and considers education among his top priorities.